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One example is the Senior Centre Without Walls concept, which is found across North America.This type of program is a free teleconference-based program for older adults 55-plus in Manitoba.Helpful supports and fun activities can help to ease the burden of loss.Choosing to focus on the positive aspects of aging and maintaining a sense of optimism are other important strategies.Finding ways to share our skills and talents is a great way to find personal meaning - perhaps through volunteer work, a mentoring program or other avenues of community involvement.Aging is inevitable; if we are fortunate, we will grow old.

Social isolation and loneliness, in fact, are two different issues.

KYLIUK Winnipeg Health Region Wave, May / June 2015 Is there a secret to healthy aging and living well in our later years?

Have you ever heard people say "I only want a long life if I am happy and healthy?

The experience of loss can be prominent for people as they age, especially if the loss is perceived as significant or troubling.

Losses such as loss of income, loss of relationships, loss of identity or roles, and loss of functioning, mobility, or independence are some of the experiences that may be encountered in the later years.

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