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We are more powerful than we could ever imagine, our bodies’ inherent intelligence is so beautifully designed and we need to become aware and awake to our natural law.

There is nothing more powerful than understanding your own body, equip yourself with the best knowledge and tools and get into the best possible shape of “health”!

However it has also traditionally been used as a medicine.

Modern science through clinical studies is now confirming saffron’s ability to enhance mood and its anti-depressant qualities.

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For more information on Origine 8 email us at [email protected] Curcumin is a polyphenolic compound derived from the dietary spice turmeric.

Biomax® Co Q10 uses revolutionary new Micro Active® Co Q10.

The patented Micro Active® process complexes each Co Q10 molecule with two ß-cyclodextrin molecules in a water media.

Our partnerships with the world’s leading experts and researchers result in an efficacious product of the highest standard, suitable for both the South African and international markets.

Coyne Healthcare promotes optimum health and vitality through the education of healthcare professionals and the general public.

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