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Both of the gifts were conceived as symbolic reminders of NATO’s ongoing solidarity and commitment to the United States in the aftermath of the 9/11 attacks.

On 3 June 2015, the NATO Archives celebrated the 60th anniversary of Germany’s accession to the North Atlantic Treaty with an exhibition at NATO HQ that showcased a unique collection of archival documents, photos and film footage related to the historic event.

Home to Afghanistan’s most comprehensive collection of historical documents and artefacts, the ACKU represents the culmination of Nancy Dupree’s archival work since she first arrived in the country in 1962.

To support Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg’s visit to the National September 11th Memorial Museum in New York on September 27th, 2015, the NATO Archives prepared two special gifts as tokens of appreciation for the donation of a piece of the World Trade Center that will be displayed at the new NATO Headquarters.

Approved by the North Atlantic Council on 13 December 1956, the Report on Non-Military Cooperation in NATO is a landmark document whose principle recommendations laid the foundation for NATO’s evolution toward increased political consultation amongst its Allies.

At the request of the Hungarian Delegation to NATO, the NATO Archives published a softbound collection of publicly disclosed NATO documents to help support the commemoration ceremony for the Hungarian Revolution of 1956 held today at NATO HQ.

My latest article on the upcoming Zapad 2017 exercise on War on the Rocks Don’t be surprised if in the coming days you increasingly hear the word Zapad echoing across media outlets and the blogosphere as though it were a category five hurricane, or an apocalyptic event approaching.

International archivist and activist Nancy Hatch Dupree, affectionately known as the “Grandmother of Kabul”, was invited by the NATO Archives for two special speaking engagements to share her experiences about the establishment of the Afghanistan Centre at Kabul University (ACKU).

Ultimately the exercise is a test of what Russia calls “strategic deterrence,” an integration of military, non-military, and nuclear capabilities to shape adversary decision-making from crisis to actual conflict.

Although small countries are naturally anxious when large neighbors flex their muscles, in reality this entire affair is about Moscow establishing coercive credibility with Washington, and in that respect it is quite effective.

Zapad is part of one long conversation on deterrence and compellence facilitated by the Russian General Staff.

The end of 2016 saw the NATO Archives fully implicated with events commemorating the 60th anniversary of one of the most important texts in the history of the Alliance.

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