Error when updating sub report

Previously selected reports are listed in a grid and can be launched by double-clicking or by Right-Clicking or by selecting and clicking the Preview Tab.Use the button to reload a report (if changed and saved in Crystal).If the report was saved with data, the viewer would ask you if you want to refresh the data or use the data saved with the report (in which case you would not be prompted for parameter values).Imagine you have Customer Support Representatives (CSRs) who use Crystal reports to view order history information for calling customers.Frequently, these CSRs need to grab order history information for a specific order within the report, and email that information to the customer.

After starting Data Link Viewer, you would see a screen similar to this: Use the button to browse for and open a report for the first time.

The preview window looks similar to the preview window in Crystal except for a few enhancements: Export Button The export button "remembers" the last export format and file destination you used for each report.

If this is the first time you are exporting a report, the export format and folder will default to those used in the last export.

The grid information in maintained in a plain text file (Report List.txt).

The other options in the popup menu allow you to launch a report to a new window, force a login dialog (allowing a choice of a different data source), and printing or exporting the report without previewing it.

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