Dating an american woman

No, we don’t mean physically strong – we mean emotionally strong.

Lots of men misunderstand this and they assume that they should suppress all emotion, but someone who is emotionally strong is in touch with their emotions.

British people are famous for their drinking habits, but Americans generally drink far less.

American women appreciate an independent man who can take care of himself.Don’t shy away and wait for her to make a move, as it is likely that she will assume that you are not interested in her.It can be difficult for British men to be so direct when British culture is so reserved, but there is nothing wrong with saying exactly how you feel.This is about much more than just money; an American woman wants a man who can take care of his finances and his wellbeing, rather than a pushover who struggles to keep his life together.Remember that independence is an important part of American culture, so many Americans look for a partner who they view as independent.

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